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The General Election results are being counted and some have come in as I write. The Conservatives, according to the Exit Poll (BBC), would be the largest party, although there are speculations that it could be hung parliament. The Labour Party has done well in the snap general election, although their chances of forming a government appear to be slim.

The headline says: “Hung parliament as first seats declared.” The election should be seen in the backdrop of Brexit. There are speculations about what Brexit foreshadows for the average Briton. There are indications that things are not going to be easy.


The former FBI Director who was dismissed by Trump has called the US President “a liar.” He was testifying before the Senate committee going into the alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia. He testified that he believed he was sacked because of FBI’s investigation into “Moscow’s meddling in the presidential elections.” Mr. Comey said that the day they met weeks before Trump took office he had been unnerved by the meeting (THE NEW YORK TIMES). According to The New York Times, the former director was forthright and minced no words as he was no longer in the government and therefore was not bound by the rules.

In the month since he fired Mr. Comey, Mr. Trump has faced a crush of damaging news stories about the nature of their private conversations. During his testimony on Thursday, Mr. Comey revealed that he had helped feed that coverage.

Two days after Mr. Comey was ousted, The New York Times reported thatMr. Trump had asked him to pledge loyalty to him. The president then tweeted that Mr. Comey had “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’” of their meetings. THE NEW YORK TIMES

The BBC says that the US Intelligence believes that Russia interfered with the election in the US and they are investigating the alleged links. Mr. Trump has dismissed the allegations of Russian interference as “fake news” as there is no evidence.



Author: planethour

Have had an interest in international and national issues arising out of governance or lack of it. I have lived through a time when Pol Pot ruled Cambodia, Idi Amin ruled Uganda. Shah of Iran was toppled in Iran, Afghanistan was ruled by Soviet puppet, Yogoslavia was split up in a bloody war. I also lived through the era when Lebanon became a byword for armed conflict, a civil war. India split up Pakistan. I have lived through all the wars with our neighbors. I expected the new milleniun to usher in Peace, but it is not to be.

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