An apology is in order

This whole week was wasted due to the fact that the computer had to go for repairs. The problem has been rectified now, expect posts regularly from now on. My apologies for disappearing without trace, I had no way of communicating with you, dear readers.

Ms. Theresa May won the vote of confidence in the House of Commons. Mr. Trump’s global ratings have plummeted to record low: 22% of those polled had confidence in President Trump. Angela Merkel was most popular. Mr. Modi met Mr. Trump and had extensive discussions. The important take away from the meeting was two leaders stand on terrorism. Meanwhile the Indian PM has spoken out against the cow vigilantes, he said the Mahatma would never have approved the mob violence in the name of cow protection.

For the UK this year has proved to be another bad year with violence perpetrated against innocent people. Then there was the fire in the residential tower block that took away many lives. Ms May came under fire for the austerity program that led to the decline of security preparedness and the loss lives in the building. The building was recently refurbished with multi million dollar cost. The outer cladding was blamed for the spread of fire, besides this, there were no sprinklers in the building or fire alarm.

So all in all not a pretty picture.


Author: planethour

Have had an interest in international and national issues arising out of governance or lack of it. I have lived through a time when Pol Pot ruled Cambodia, Idi Amin ruled Uganda. Shah of Iran was toppled in Iran, Afghanistan was ruled by Soviet puppet, Yogoslavia was split up in a bloody war. I also lived through the era when Lebanon became a byword for armed conflict, a civil war. India split up Pakistan. I have lived through all the wars with our neighbors. I expected the new milleniun to usher in Peace, but it is not to be.

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