From the news media at large

Mr. Trump and the First lady were invited to Bastille Day celebration in France. Mr. Trump seems to be wavering on his stand against Paris climate agreement. The President of France was seen as being very diplomatic in handling the US President. The US President has invited disapprobation from many quarters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Erdogan has said that all traitors should be “beheaded.” Maduro’s Venezuela has also seen protests against his regime. He is trying to change the constitution which would give him unlimited powers. The opposition has protested most vigorously. In both the places the police have come down heavily.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobao has died from liver cancer. He was in prison without committing any crime. The candle light vigil through the heart of Hong Kong sent a strong message to Chinese leadership. Hong Kong enjoys freedoms that are unheard of in China. Picture of the Noble laureate was splashed on the front page of Hong Kong newspaper. China’s human rights record has been criticized by the human rights organizations and activists.

Field’s Prize winner, Maryam Mirzakhani died of cancer. She was the first woman to win Field’s Prize for mathematics.



Author: planethour

Have had an interest in international and national issues arising out of governance or lack of it. I have lived through a time when Pol Pot ruled Cambodia, Idi Amin ruled Uganda. Shah of Iran was toppled in Iran, Afghanistan was ruled by Soviet puppet, Yogoslavia was split up in a bloody war. I also lived through the era when Lebanon became a byword for armed conflict, a civil war. India split up Pakistan. I have lived through all the wars with our neighbors. I expected the new milleniun to usher in Peace, but it is not to be.

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